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1.Precision treatment: Dental lasers target the treatment area with a high degree of precision, causing less damage to surrounding normal tissue.

2.Minimally invasive procedures: Laser dental procedures eliminate the need for traditional surgical tools, reducing the risk of trauma and bleeding.

3.Analgesic effect: The laser treatment has a good analgesic effect, making the patient more comfortable during the treatment, especially for children or pain-sensitive people.

4.Oral lasers kill sterile inflammation, eliminating the need for sutures and significantly reducing surgical time.


Caries treatment, root canal treatment, periodontal treatment, teeth whitening and restoration, toothache treatment


1.Laser treatment usually leads to faster healing.

2.The highly precise laser reduces the risk of bleeding.

3.Patients feel less pain, improving treatment comfort.

4.No or less anesthesia is required, reducing the physical effects of anesthesia.

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