China Veterinary Laser Manufacturer


To Be Able to Meet All Demands of Our Customers We Operate in Four Different Business Areas.


  • 1.All-wavelength laser solution: 370nm~2000nm

  • 2.Team covering biomedical, optics, laser, structure, electronics and software specialties

  • 3.20 years experience in lasers, know more about lasers

  • 4.R&D capability in control software and circuit hardware

  • 5.Professional optical design and processing capability

  • 6.Medical fiber design and processing capability

  • 7.Medical laser solutions for all hospital departments

  • 8.Comply with ISO 13485 and FDA QSR820 medical system

  • 9.Provide OEM&ODM service

  • 10.CDMO service, help customers to get FDA, CE and other medical certificates

  • 11.Professional and strict quality inspection system

  • 12.Professional clean room

PBM Offers Full-Wavelength Medical Laser Solutions from 370 nm to 2000 nm to Inspire You for More Medical Applications
375nm 395nm 400nm 405nm 410nm 420nm 430nm 450nm 460nm 473nm
480nm 488nm 495nm 505nm 510nm 520nm 532nm 630nm 633nm 635nm
640nm 645nm 650nm 660nm 670nm 680nm 690nm 705nm 730nm 750nm
755nm 760nm 770nm 780nm 785nm 800nm 810nm 820nm 830nm 850nm
880nm 905nm 915nm 940nm 960nm 980nm 1064nm 1210nm 1270nm 1310nm
1330nm 1350nm 1450nm 1470nm 1490nm 1530nm 1550nm 1570nm 1610nm 1940nm

Hot Products

  • 30W Canine Pet Pain Therapy Laser 450nm 650nm 810nm 808nm 915nm 1064nm

    30W Canine Pet Pain Therapy Laser 450nm 650nm 810nm 808nm 915nm 1064nm

    The 30W Canine Pet Pain Therapy Laser 450nm 650nm 810nm 808nm 915nm 1064nm is a highly effective laser therapy device, created by the R&D team at PBM Medical Laser, bringing together advanced technology and innovative design. It is designed to provide a full range of pain management, joint rehabilitation, and surgical capabilities for the small animal medical field. With the purchase of one Pet Pain Therapy Laser, both rehabilitation and surgical needs can be met, achieving maximum effectiveness with minimum investment reducing costs and increasing efficiency for animal hospitals. Part Name: VetMedix-Max

  • Exotic Pet PBM Vet Therapy Laser Class 4 Wound Healing Treatment

    Exotic Pet PBM Vet Therapy Laser Class 4 Wound Healing Treatment

    Exotic Pet PBM Vet Therapy Laser Class 4 Wound Healing Treatment,PBM Medical Laser Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of animal laser medical equipment. With a strict medical system ISO 13485 and FDA certification standards, PBM has a strong technical research and development team and more than 15 years of experience in the industry, dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and convenient animal medical solutions for veterinarians around the world. Part Name: VetMedix-Max

  • Small Animal Class 4 Light Therapy Veterinary Laser

    Small Animal Class 4 Light Therapy Veterinary Laser

    Leading the way in laser technology, PBM Laser has created the Small Animal Class 4 Light Therapy Veterinary Laser, incorporating the world's first 5-wavelength laser technology to provide a more comprehensive and effective rehabilitation experience for your beloved pet. We are committed to providing small animals with the most advanced therapeutic tools to help our animal companions achieve a faster and more complete recovery. Part Name: VetMedix-Max

  • Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser

    Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser

    PBM Laser is a leading manufacturer of Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser for human use, specializing in innovative laser medical technology. We follow ISO 13485 medical system standards and are committed to providing excellent solutions for rehabilitation therapy. We have a strong team covering a wide range of medical, laser and electronic fields to provide efficient, safe and advanced laser products to our customers. We are unique and innovative, leading the laser rehabilitation industry, committed to improving the quality of life of patients and helping healthcare organizations achieve greater excellence. Part Name: LaserMedix-Pro

  • 980nm Physiotherapy Laser

    980nm Physiotherapy Laser

    PBM is a leading manufacturer specializing in 980nm Physiotherapy Laser. We are known for our professionalism, innovation and quality, providing the most advanced technology and products to our customers. Whether it is a rehabilitation centre, a medical institution or an individual professional, we are able to provide you with the best laser therapy solutions, so let's start a healthy and innovative laser life together. Part Name: LaserMedix-Pro

  • Physiotherapy Laser for Elderly

    Physiotherapy Laser for Elderly

    PBM is a manufacturer specializing in the development of Physiotherapy Laser for Elderly, the chronically ill, the disabled, and those with medical impairments. ABC has been a popular and leading supplier for the past decade and continues to optimize its lasers to provide the highest level of solutions. Part Name: LaserMedix-Pro

  • Physiotherapy Laser for Athletes

    Physiotherapy Laser for Athletes

    PBM, a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of professional medical laser devices, specializes in providing Physiotherapy Laser for Athletes. With leading laser technology, professional ODM capabilities, and excellent value for money, PBM has become one of the most popular therapy laser devices for athletes in the European, North American, South American, and Asian markets. Part Name: LaserMedix-Pro

  • 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser

    5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser

    PBM Laser, was born out of a love of medicine and the pursuit of innovation. Our superior technical capabilities and efficient manufacturing processes are the cornerstone of our company, which has produced the world's first 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser instrument, filling a gap in the market. Our commitment to animal health is behind every device, and our close collaboration with our partners makes us unique in the field of laser technology. We not only provide safe and efficient solutions, but also create reliable guarantees for the well-being and happiness of animals. With every innovation, we are writing a story of growth with animals. Part Name: VetMedix Max


  • Factory interior environment display

    Factory interior environment display

    We have professional testing equipment: including optical parameter testing platform, aging test platform, vibration transport test platform, professional production, optical fibre end-face tester, optical fibre end-face grinder, ultrasonic cleaner, laser power supply, spectrometer, optical power meter, oscilloscope, medical withstand voltage tester, medical leakage tester, medical leakage tester, electrostatic discharge generator, thermal imager, noise tester, and so on.

  • The role of rehabilitation laser

    The role of rehabilitation laser

    Laser is a major technology produced in the early 1960s, which is widely used in many fields. At present, the clinical value of low-intensity laser irradiation therapy has been affirmed at home and abroad. The laser power emitted by the therapeutic instrument belongs to the low-energy laser, the density of irradiation is far less than the damage threshold of the body and blood, and can penetrate the skin, fat, muscle, blood vessel wall and other tissues of the human body, without causing any damage to the body.

  • Does laser therapy work for dogs?

    Does laser therapy work for dogs?

    We know that lasers are used in human medicine, but have you heard of laser therapy for dogs? With the continuous improvement of the medical level, laser treatment technology has also entered the IV "cold laser" for veterinary use. These lasers are used to treat a variety of diseases without side effects. About dog laser treatment, we may not know much, today we will take a look at the relevant information about dog laser treatment.