Standard Products

PBM medical laser has always been committed to the development and production of innovative laser medical devices, and PBM medical laser distributors all over the world sell our innovative products.

Development and Customization

Each medical product manufactured by PBM Medical Laser is a perfect combination of high technology and craftsmanship, covering a number of key areas such as laser modules, optical path design, mechatronics, electronics and software, and industrial design. We feature a full range of OEM/ODM services, from prototyping to mass production, providing one-stop solutions for our customers.

Mass Production

PBM's intelligent production system and clean room assembly process meets GMP standards and is in accordance with FDA and ISO 13485 medical systems, thus ensuring that our production base always maintains a high level of quality. PBM has a standard process and optimized supply chain that can guarantee your competitive advantage in the market.


Through PBM's own technical advantages and production capacity, we can help medical device companies to save resources and accelerate the progress of product R&D, design, registration, manufacturing, etc., so as to reduce cost, improve efficiency and make products commercialized quickly for customers.