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Surgery laser system is based on the photothermal effect, using the light absorption of hemoglobin, water, fat, or other tissues to achieve laser hemostasis, ablation, and cutting through coagulation, vaporization, and carbonization of biological tissues, which has the advantages of the small incision, less bleeding, and fast prognosis.


Surgery, Dental surgery, Orthopedic surgery, ENT surgery, Dermatology surgery, Urologic surgery, PLDD, EVLT, Benign Prostate surgery, Hemorrhoid surgery, Breast Nodule, Thyroid Nodule surgery


1.Minimally invasive and efficient: Provides minimally invasive surgical solutions to reduce trauma and bleeding.

2.Thin coagulation layer, effective hemostasis.

3.General Practice: Suitable for use in multiple departments to meet different surgical needs.

4.Compliance with medical standards: The device is fully compliant with ISO 13485, FDA QSR820, and GMP medical system standards.

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