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Physiotherapy Laser for Athletes
  • Physiotherapy Laser for AthletesPhysiotherapy Laser for Athletes
  • Physiotherapy Laser for AthletesPhysiotherapy Laser for Athletes
  • Physiotherapy Laser for AthletesPhysiotherapy Laser for Athletes

Physiotherapy Laser for Athletes

PBM, a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of professional medical laser devices, specializes in providing Physiotherapy Laser for Athletes. With leading laser technology, professional ODM capabilities, and excellent value for money, PBM has become one of the most popular therapy laser devices for athletes in the European, North American, South American, and Asian markets.

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Product Description

Revolutionizing Recovery and Healing with Cutting-edge Technology

Physiotherapy Laser for Athletes utilizes the latest Class IV laser therapy, which delivers high-power laser beams to penetrate deeper into tissues for faster recovery from injuries. By using photobiomodulation, it enhances cellular renewal, improves wound healing, regenerates damaged tissues, stimulates collagen synthesis, and reduces inflammation.

Our cutting-edge Therapy Laser for Athletes technology offers unique benefits that set us apart from the competition. With a focus on delivering effective and efficient recovery solutions, we are the go-to choice for athletes seeking top-notch therapy.

Product Feature of the Therapy Laser for Athletes

Specification of the Therapy Laser for Athletes:

Innovative Easy-mode Saves Medical Staff Time And Efforts

Maximum Output Power 45W, Deeper Penetration, Faster Effect

Intelligent Risk Identification / Multiple Safety Measures

4 Professional Therapy Handpieces

Laser Wavelength: Dual-wavelength

Laser Power: 45W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >1000

Operation Mode: 3 Intelligent Systems

Screen Type: 12-inch HD Touch Screen

Application of the Therapy Laser for Athletes:

● Head

● Tension headache

● Sinus headache/infection

● TMJ disorders

● Tooth and jaw pain

● Neck

● Acute injury

● Torticollis

● Sports injuries

● Chronic pain

● Disc degeneration

● Shoulder

● Acute injury

● Rotator cuff strains & tears

● C joint sprain

● Bursitis

● Arm

● Acute injury

● Bicipital tendon-its

● Muscle soreness

● Epicondylitis

● Tennis elbow

● Wrist

● Acute injury

● Carpal tunnel syndrome

● Trigger finger

● Arthritic joints

● Low Back

● Disc degeneration

● Sprain / strain

● Sciatic pain

● Facet joints

● Hip

● Bursitis

● Sports injuries

● Arthritis

● Iliotibial band syndrome

● Knee

● Sports injuries

● Ligament injuries

● Arthritis

● ACL / PCL injuries

● Foot & Ankle

● Neuropathy

● Heel pain

● Plantar fasciitis

● Achilles tendinitis

Application: Rehabilitation / Pain / Orthopedics / Sports Medicine

How it works:

High Energy Laser Physical Therapy is a therapy that utilizes focused light stimulation resulting in photobiomodulation (PBM). During PBM, photons enter the cellular tissue and interact with the cytochrome C complex in the mitochondria, which triggers a series of biological cascades that regulate the restoration of the body's immune function. This leads to an increase in cellular metabolism, a reduction in pain, a reduction in muscle spasms, and an improvement in microcirculation in the damaged tissue.

Therapy Laser for Athletes use a semiconductor diode high-energy laser, which can reach deeper tissue depths than a weak laser, usually 10-15 centimeters under the skin.

Class IV laser systems--Therapy Laser for Athletes affords the clinician the ability to efficient deliver adequate doses of light deep into tissue to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing.

Efficacy of high-energy laser-Therapy Laser for Athletes:

1. Promote the formation of new blood vessels: increase oxygenated hemoglobin, accelerate the healing of injured tissues.

2. Promote collagen production: promote the production of collagen fibers, collagen deposition and cross-linking.

3. Improve muscle atrophy, make muscle regeneration: Repair damaged muscle fibers and myogenic cells. Thus the muscle tissue regeneration.

4. Eliminate edema and inflammation: increase the activity of inflammatory mediators such as macrophages and lymphocytes, accelerate the inflammatory process, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating edema and inflammation.

5. Efficient analgesia: reduce nerve pain fibers (C-fibers) by blocking their transmission to the brain sensitivity, the effect is to reduce the production of inflammation and edema, for patients to reduce pain.

6. Promote cartilage formation: Increase the formation of chondrocytes and collagen, improve cartilage joint function.

7. Osteogenesis: Accelerate the diffusion of osteoblasts and extraosseous matrix to complete bone repair.

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