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5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser

5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser

PBM Laser has successfully developed the world's first 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser, which is ISO 13485 and FDA certified to ensure superior safety and effectiveness. With innovation as our productivity, we are committed to bringing more advanced and comprehensive laser rehabilitation and physiotherapy solutions to the medical industry. Choose PBM Laser, choose the leader in medical technology.
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Product Description

5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser innovatively integrating 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 940nm and 980nm wavelengths, is widely applicable to multi-level tissue treatment. Through the synergistic effect, it enhances the treatment effect and realizes a comprehensive, safe and efficient rehabilitation experience. The products are ISO 13485 and FDA certified with intelligent control and deep penetration, providing advanced treatment solutions for the medical industry.

Advantages of 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser:

1. Comprehensive Treatment: Combining five wavelengths, it can simultaneously meet the treatment needs of multiple levels of tissues and take full care of the affected area.

2. Wide-spectrum Applicability: Covering a wide range of wavelengths, it is suitable for different diseases and treatment purposes, improving the flexibility and comprehensiveness of treatment.

3. Synergistic Effect: different wavelengths work in synergy with each other to produce synergistic effect, enhance the therapeutic effect, accelerate cell repair and tissue recovery.

4. Deep Penetration: High power output and deep penetration, applicable to deep tissues, effective treatment of deep problems.

5. Medical Certification and Safety: ISO 13485 and FDA certified to ensure that the product meets the medical industry standards, to ensure the safety and reliability of the treatment.

6. Intelligent Control: Equipped with intelligent mode control, it provides continuous wave (CW) emission and pulsed emission, which can be adjusted according to each patient's condition to realize precise treatment.

7. Comprehensive Patient Care: Utilizes the characteristics of each wavelength to provide comprehensive care for the affected area, promoting cellular bioregulation and improving treatment effects.

Specification of the 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser:

Laser Wavelength:650nm、810nm、915nm、940nm、980nm

Laser Power: 45W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >1000

Operation Mode: 3 Intelligent Systems

Screen Type: 12-inch HD Touch Screen

Goggles: 2 Sets

Indications of the 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser:

1. Soft Tissue Problems:Tendonitis


Soft tissue injuries

Ligament injuries

2. Joint Diseases:Rheumatoid arthritis


Bone spurs


3. Muscle Problems:Muscle strain

Muscle cramps

Muscle weakness

Muscle atrophy

4. Metabolic Problems:Metabolic syndromes

Metabolic disorders


Diabetes mellitus

5. Skin Problems:Difficult to heal wounds

Skin inflammation


6. Neurological Disorders:Neuropathy

Nerve pain


Through the combined application of different wavelengths, the 5-wavelength rehabilitation laser can more comprehensively promote cell repair, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation, thus playing an active role in various rehabilitation treatments.

Applicable Departments of the 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser:

Rehabilitation / Pain / Physiotherapy / Chinese Medicine / Sports Medicine / Orthopedics / Dermatology / Dentistry/ Internal Medicine / Neurology

Principle of the 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser:

650nm: Accelerates Wound Healing

Targeting superficial receptors, cell proliferation and division speed up, the corresponding skin cells, vascular cells, etc. to speed up the growth rate, and thus achieve the effect of accelerating wound healing, while reducing the production of scar tissue.

810nm: Increase ATP Generation

Targeting mitochondria, accelerating the conversion of ATP, thus promoting cell metabolism and achieving the deepest tissue penetration, accelerating the reconstruction and repair of muscle, skin, blood vessels, nerves, bones and other cells.

915nn:Increase Oxygen Delivery

Targeting hemoglobin, doubling the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, lowering the level of 5-hydroxytryptamine in the body, the pain signal cut-off, and therefore effective analgesia.


After the laser is absorbed by the mitochondria, it can stimulate the activity and quantity of its own anti-inflammatory factors, such as white blood cells and macrophages, to carry out self-healing and anti-inflammatory, replacing the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

980nm:Improve Circulation

Aiming at the water in the blood, laser energy is absorbed to produce thermal effect, accelerate local blood circulation, promote sodium metabolism and eliminate edema.

Products Details of the 5 Wavelengths Physiotherapy Laser:

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