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2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser
  • 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser
  • 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser
  • 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser
  • 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser

2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser

PBM Laser is the leading 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser equipment manufacturer in China, and we are committed to providing excellent medical solutions for veterinarians around the world. Through continuous innovation and the provision of professional products and services, we help veterinarians achieve greater excellence in animal laser surgery, care for every furry partner, help our partners achieve greater success, and jointly promote the progress of the veterinary industry.
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Product Description

PBM Laser leads the way in 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser technology, standing out for its precision, non-invasiveness and low bleeding. The unique dual-wavelength design features 650nm for high-precision treatment of superficial tissues, while 980nm penetrates deeply to minimize interference with surrounding tissues. PBM Laser is committed to bringing innovation to animal medical surgery by providing efficient, low-risk laser treatment solutions.

Laser Wavelength: 980nm+650nm

Laser Power:30W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >300

Operation Mode: Intelligent Operation

Screen Type: 10-inch HD Touch Screen

Goggles: 1 Set (Human * 2 pairs + Animal * 3 pairs)

Indications and Applicable Departments for 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:


Indications: periodontal disease treatment, oral tumor removal, root canal treatment.


Indications: removal of ear canal tumors, treatment of pharyngeal diseases, sinus problems.

3.Dermatologic Surgery:

Indications: skin tumor removal, burn healing, wound repair.


Indications: bladder tumor removal, urethral stricture treatment, urinary stones.


Indications: fracture fixation, bone tumor resection, joint disease treatment.

6.Internal medicine:

Indications: resection of visceral tumors, laparotomy, thoracic surgery.


Indications: sterilization of animals, difficult deliveries, placental problems, uterine diseases, reproductive system tumors.

Advantages of 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

1. Precise treatment: Through the original dual-wavelength design, precise treatment of superficial and deep tissues is achieved, minimizing the impact on surrounding tissues.

2. Non-invasive and low bleeding: laser surgery greatly reduces surgical trauma, and at the same time has excellent hemostatic effect, reducing the risk of postoperative bleeding.

3. Significant pain relief: Laser surgery is usually performed without general anesthesia, resulting in less post-operative pain and a more comfortable treatment experience for the patient.

4. No postoperative sutures: Since laser surgery does not require sutures, it simplifies the postoperative process and contributes to faster healing.

5. Rapid Healing: The laser promotes tissue regeneration and healing, allowing the animal to heal faster and reducing the period of post-operative discomfort.

6. Wide range of indications: The 2-wavelength design allows the laser to have superior applicability in a variety of depths and types of tissues, and can be used in a number of departments and indications.

Why Choose 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

1. Precise Tissue Cutting: The laser beam can be highly focused to produce a very small and precise spot, allowing the surgeon to make highly precise cuts in animal tissue. This is helpful for procedures that require delicate manipulation, such as eye surgery or soft tissue surgery.

2. Non-contact Surgery: Laser surgery is usually non-contact, where the beam can be directed to the target tissue through an optical system without physical contact. This reduces the risk of infection, as well as discomfort to the animal during the procedure.

3. Reduced Risk of Bleeding: The laser's ability to simultaneously cut and coagulate tissue reduces the risk of bleeding during the procedure. This is especially important for procedures that require a clear field of vision and for animals that are sensitive to bleeding.

4. Localized Thermal Effect: The localized thermal effect produced by the laser helps to stop bleeding, cut tissue, and promote healing. This is beneficial to the animal's healing process.

5. Reduced pain and trauma: Laser surgery usually results in less pain and trauma because it allows for more precise treatment of the target tissue and reduces the impact on normal surrounding tissue.

Production Details of the 2 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

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