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5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser

5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser

PBM Laser leads the way in laser technology with the world's first 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser, which provides more powerful and comprehensive laser treatment, bringing an unprecedented rehabilitation experience to animals. In addition to self-developed and self-produced, we also provide OEM, ODM and CDMO services to provide personalized solutions for customers and help innovation in the medical field.
Part Name: VetMedix Max

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Product Description

The emergence of the 5 Wavelength Veterinary Laser has not only led to technological innovation in veterinary laser therapy, it has also pushed it to a new milestone.PBM Laser is committed to providing the global veterinary community with unprecedented tools to help our animal friends achieve a faster and more complete recovery.

√ Technology Leadership: Our team's mastery of laser technology has led to a breakthrough in the synergy of 5 wavelengths in one system, opening up more possibilities for veterinary treatment.

√ Comprehensive wavelength coverage: 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 940nm and 980nm wavelengths are fully covered to ensure comprehensive and varied treatments for all types of veterinary needs.

√ Efficient Treatment: Powerful 30W power output with deep tissue penetration provides efficient and rapid treatment results.

√ Safe and Reliable: Our 5 wavelengths system meets the highest safety standards and undergoes stringent quality control and certification to provide a safe and effective treatment experience for animals.

Specification of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser:

Laser Wavelength: 650nm+810nm+915nm+940nm+980nm

Laser Power:30W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >300

Operation Mode: Intelligent Operation

Screen Type: 10-inch HD Touch Screen

Goggles: 1 Set (Human * 2 pairs + Animal * 3 pairs)

Advantages of 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser:

650nm: Promote Superficial Circulation

- Main function: Promote blood circulation in superficial tissues, improve cell metabolism and relieve mild pain.

810nm: Deep Cell Repair

- Main functions: deep tissue penetration, promote ATP production, help deep cell repair, relieve moderate to severe pain, reduce inflammation.

915nm: Bone and Joint Therapy

- Main Functions: Suitable for bone and joint treatment, promoting soft tissue repair and healing, reducing chronic pain and improving joint flexibility.

940nm: Deep Muscle and Bone Therapy

- Main functions: deep tissue penetration, promote ATP production, relieve moderate to severe pain, reduce inflammation, applicable to deep muscle and bone treatment.

980nm: Deep Tissue Metabolism Promotion

 - Main Functions: Deep tissue penetration, promote cellular metabolism, relieve moderate to severe pain, reduce inflammation, suitable for deep muscle and bone treatments.

These key functions cover the specific areas of application and therapeutic effects of each wavelength, providing a multifaceted support for the full range of rehabilitation laser treatments.

Indications of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser:

1. Soft Tissue Injuries:  

- Tendonitis

 - Tendon sheaths

 - Bent tendons

 - Ligament damage

2. Joint-related Injuries:  

- Arthritis

- Fractures

- Arthritis Fractures Carpal arthritis

- Osteopathy

- Osteopathy

- Metatarsal syndrome

- Hock osteitis

7. Rehabilitation and Healing:  

- Post-operative rehabilitation

- Wound healing

3. Hoof Problems:  

- Myelomeningocele

- Metatarsal syndrome

4. Muscle Problems.  

- Muscle injuries

- Muscle cramps

5. Skin Problems:  

- Skin ulcers

- Skin inflammation

6. Metabolic Problems:  

- Metabolic syndromes

8. Other Problems:  

- Soft tissue swelling

- Subcutaneous hematoma

- Phlebitis

- Scar formation

- Chronic pain management

Applicable Departments of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser:

Rehabilitation / Pain / Physical Therapy / Veterinary Medicine / Orthopedics / Dermatology / Dentistry

5 Wavelengths Veterinary Lasers Work;

1.Bio-stimulation effect: The laser produces light energy at specific wavelengths that can be absorbed by tissues, especially in the near-infrared spectral range.

2.Cellular biostimulation: The laser stimulates cellular mitochondria, increasing cellular energy production and promoting ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production.

3.Cellular Repair and Regeneration: Increased ATP production helps promote cellular repair and regeneration, accelerating the tissue healing process.

4.Reduces Inflammation: Lasers help reduce inflammation by affecting the production and release of inflammatory mediators.

5.Improved Circulation: Lasers increase blood vessel formation and improve blood circulation, helping to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area.

6.Pain Relief: Bio-stimulatory effects help reduce pain by affecting neurotransmission and the release of pain mediators.

Efficacy of 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser:

1.Soft tissue:



Tendon sheaths

The laser can promote soft tissue repair and reduce inflammation.


Joint cavities




Laser can help relieve arthritis and improve joint mobility.


Subcutaneous tissue

Top layer of skin

Lasers help promote wound healing and reduce scar formation.


Nerve endings

Laser helps relieve nerve pain and promote nerve regeneration.

Vascular System:

5.Blood vessels

Laser improves circulation, oxygen and nutrient supply.

6.Skeletal System:


Laser helps fracture healing and reduces osteoarthritis.

7.Genital System:

Genital Tissues

Laser helps to alleviate genital related problems.

8.Digestive System:

Gastrointestinal Tissue

Lasers have been shown to assist in the healing of certain gastrointestinal problems.

9.Urinary System:

Urinary Tract Tissue

Laser can provide relief from urinary problems.


Respiratory Tract Tissue

Laser helps relieve respiratory problems.

Production Details of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Laser:

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