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Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser
  • Dual Wavelength Veterinary LaserDual Wavelength Veterinary Laser
  • Dual Wavelength Veterinary LaserDual Wavelength Veterinary Laser
  • Dual Wavelength Veterinary LaserDual Wavelength Veterinary Laser

Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser

PBM Laser is the exclusive leader in the manufacturing of Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser therapeutic instruments, following the ISO 13485 medical system standard to ensure that all accessories and raw materials are medical grade and traceable, providing superior solutions for animal medical treatment. As a leader in OEM and ODM services, PBM Laser also provides CDMO services and is committed to improving R&D efficiency and reducing R&D costs for medical companies, and facilitating the rapid commercialization of veterinary laser medical products.
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Product Description

PBM Laser is leading the way in animal medical innovation with the introduction of high-end Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser therapy. Its unique advantages include multi-level treatment, broad-spectrum applicability, synergistic effects, deep and shallow tissue compatibility, and comprehensive care.

Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser technology can be applied in different wavelength ranges to meet the needs of multiple tissue levels and enhance treatment results. The device excels in resolving different animal diseases and promoting tissue repair, providing a comprehensive, safe and efficient laser treatment experience for animals and helping to achieve greater excellence in the field of pets, animal husbandry and competition grade animals.

Specification of the Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser:

Laser Wavelength: 980nm+650nm

Laser Power:30W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >300

Operation Mode: Intelligent Operation

Screen Type: 10-inch HD Touch Screen

Goggles: 1 Set (Human * 2 pairs + Animal * 3 pairs)

4 Handpieces Optics:Large non-contact lens, Large massage lens, Small non-contact lens and Small massage lens for multifunctional treatments.

Application of the Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser:


● Soft Tissue Injures

● Tendonitis

● Tenosynovitis

● Bowed Tendons

● Suspensory Disorders

● Inferior Check Ligament Desmitis

● Bucked Shins

● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

● Hygroma of the elbow

● Superior Check Ligament Strain

● Thoroughpin

● Tarsal Plantar Desmitis (Curb)

● Pharyngitis

● Hoof

● Laminitis

● Navicular Syndrome

● Joint Related Injuries

● Arthritis

● Epiphysitis

● Carpitis

● Stringhalt

● Capped Hocks

● Myositis

● Exertional Rhabdomyolysis

● Wound Healinc

● Greased Heels

● Neck,Back and Vertebral Column

● Hunter's Bumps

● Subluxations of the Sacroiliac Joint

● Cervical Musculature

● Thoracolumbar Musculature

● Fractures

● Splints

● Sesamoiditis

● Bone Spavin

● Trochanteric Bursitis

● Osselets

● Ringbone

● Tarsitis

● Stifle Disorders

Applicable Departments of the Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser:

Rehabilitation / Pain / Physical Therapy / Veterinary Medicine / Orthopedics / Dermatology / Dentistry

Advantages of Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser:

1.Shorter Treatment Time

The US FDA categorizes lasers according to output power

Class 3B laser therapy devices, the maximum output power of 0.5W

Class 4 laser therapy instruments. The maximum output power is approximately 0.5W.

For example, to treat an area of 40 cm²on the shoulder, an energy input of 6,000 joules is required at the surface of the skin in order for the deeper tissues to receive a sufficient therapeutic dose. How long does it take to use Class 3B and Class 4 lasers?

Class 4 Laser

6000J/30W = 200 seconds = 3 Mins                      

Class 3B Laser

6000J/0.5W = 12,000 seconds = 200 Mins

Increase efficiency by 60 times

2. Higher Power For Deeper Tissue Penetration

Our high energy laser has an output power of up to 30W, which is 60 times higher than conventional low energy lasers of 0.5W, delivering more energy to deeper structures in a shorter period. Dual-wavelength veterinary lasers deliver more laser dose per unit of time, resulting in positive, cumulative results and deeper penetration of the laser, a breakthrough in treatment unmatched by other conventional physical therapy methods.

How it works:

Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser in accordance with high-energy laser therapy is also called photobiomodulation, which refers to the use of near-infrared laser to provide stimulation for the mitochondria of damaged tissue cells. This promotes the production of adenosine triphosphate ATP, which is used to repair and regenerate cells, generate new healthy cells, increase cellular activity, and reduce interleukin 1 to achieve the effects of removing edema, analgesia, and anti-inflammation to promote healing. 

Efficacy of Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser:

1. Increases metabolism

2. Improved Vascular Activity

3. Anti-inflammatory

4. Improvement of Neurological Function

5. Analgesic effect

6. Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth

7. Reduces fibrous tissue formation

8. Immunomodulation

9. Faster wound healing

Production Details of the Dual Wavelength Veterinary Laser:

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