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5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser
  • 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser

5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser

PBM Laser, was born out of a love of medicine and the pursuit of innovation. Our superior technical capabilities and efficient manufacturing processes are the cornerstone of our company, which has produced the world's first 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser instrument, filling a gap in the market. Our commitment to animal health is behind every device, and our close collaboration with our partners makes us unique in the field of laser technology. We not only provide safe and efficient solutions, but also create reliable guarantees for the well-being and happiness of animals. With every innovation, we are writing a story of growth with animals.
Part Name: VetMedix Max

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Product Description

5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser is PBM Laser's leading product, a breakthrough integration of 5 wavelengths - 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 940nm, and 980nm - for use in multiple disciplines. With comprehensive adaptability, it can meet a variety of animal surgery needs, including routine and difficult surgeries. Its precise, safe, non-invasive and low bleeding characteristics make it an innovative choice in the field of animal medicine.

Specification of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

Laser Wavelength:650nm、810nm、915nm、940nm、980nm

Laser Power:30W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >300

Operation Mode: Intelligent Operation

Screen Type: 10-inch HD Touch Screen

Goggles: 1 Set (Human * 2 pairs + Animal * 3 pairs)

Application of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

√ Soft Tissue Surgery: Includes skin cutting, tumor removal, soft tissue repair, etc.

√ Joint Surgery: For joint diseases, ligament injuries, etc. It can provide precise surgical cuts and repairs.

√ Orthopedic Surgery: including fracture fixation, bone cutting, etc., can reduce surgical trauma and promote bone healing.

√ Oral Surgery: including tooth extraction, oral tumor removal, etc.

√ Urological Surgery: for urethral obstruction, stone removal, etc.

√ Reproductive System Surgery: such as sterilization surgery, hysterectomy, etc.

√ Skin Repair and Cosmetic Surgery: including skin disease treatment, scar repair.

√ Neurological Surgery: such as intervertebral disc treatment, nerve tumor removal.

√ Vascular System Surgery: for hemangioma treatment and so on.

The specific application depends on the animal's condition and the doctor's judgment.

Applicable Departments of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

Surgery / Dentistry / Ophthalmology / Urology / Reproduction / Dermatology / Neurology / Vascular Medicine

Advantages of 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

1.Multi-wavelength Combination: The world's first five wavelengths achieve a comprehensive biomodulation effect that is able to respond to different depths and types of tissue, providing a wider range of applicability.

2.Multi-functional Treatment: Covering a wide range of treatment indications, including soft tissue injuries, joint problems, and bone disorders, it provides veterinarians with a comprehensive and integrated treatment tool.

3.Precision Therapy: The laser's precise action on tissue at different wavelengths allows for targeted treatment of specific lesions with less interference with surrounding healthy tissue.

4.Minimally Invasive Surgery: Due to the nature of the laser, traditional surgical knives are not required during the procedure, reducing tissue damage and bleeding and helping to speed up recovery.

5.Analgesic Effect: The laser may produce an analgesic effect during the treatment, which helps to reduce the animal's pain and increase the comfort of the treatment.

6.No General Anesthesia: Some procedures may not require general anesthesia, reducing the burden and risk to the animal.

7.Rapid Healing: By promoting the natural repair process of the tissue, the laser helps to accelerate healing and shorten the recovery period.

8.Personalized treatment: Different wavelengths can be used in combination to achieve a more personalized and targeted treatment plan for specific conditions.

Principle of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

650nm: Accelerates Wound Healing

Targeting superficial receptors, cell proliferation and division speed up, the corresponding skin cells, vascular cells, etc. to speed up the growth rate, and thus achieve the effect of accelerating wound healing, while reducing the production of scar tissue.

810nm: Increase ATP Generation

Targeting mitochondria, accelerating the conversion of ATP, thus promoting cell metabolism and achieving the deepest tissue penetration, accelerating the reconstruction and repair of muscle, skin, blood vessels, nerves, bones and other cells.

915nn:Increase Oxygen Delivery

Targeting hemoglobin, doubling the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, lowering the level of 5-hydroxytryptamine in the body, the pain signal cut-off, and therefore effective analgesia.


After the laser is absorbed by the mitochondria, it can stimulate the activity and quantity of its own anti-inflammatory factors, such as white blood cells and macrophages, to carry out self-healing and anti-inflammatory, replacing the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

980nm:Improve Circulation

Aiming at the water in the blood, laser energy is absorbed to produce thermal effect, accelerate local blood circulation, promote sodium metabolism and eliminate edema.

These wavelengths work synergistically with each other, allowing the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser System to achieve a full biomodulation effect during surgery, providing a more comprehensive, safer, and more effective surgical treatment for animals.

Products Details of the 5 Wavelengths Veterinary Surgical Laser:

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