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980nm Physiotherapy Laser
  • 980nm Physiotherapy Laser980nm Physiotherapy Laser
  • 980nm Physiotherapy Laser980nm Physiotherapy Laser
  • 980nm Physiotherapy Laser980nm Physiotherapy Laser

980nm Physiotherapy Laser

PBM is a leading manufacturer specializing in 980nm Physiotherapy Laser. We are known for our professionalism, innovation and quality, providing the most advanced technology and products to our customers. Whether it is a rehabilitation centre, a medical institution or an individual professional, we are able to provide you with the best laser therapy solutions, so let's start a healthy and innovative laser life together.
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Product Description

980nm Physiotherapy Laser redefines photobiomodulation laser therapy through new technological innovations and advancements. After years of scientific research by PBM, the rehabilitation laser system offers unrivaled levels of quality and performance.

980nm Physical Therapy Laser offers easy mobility and built-in safety features. Healthcare professionals can see enhanced and consistent clinical results not seen with other laser systems.

Advantages of 980nm Physiotherapy Laser:

Specification of the 980nm Physiotherapy Laser:

Laser Wavelength: 980nm

Laser Power: 45W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >1000

Operation Mode: 3 Intelligent Systems

Screen Type: 12-inch HD Touch Screen

Goggles: 2 Sets

Application of the 980nm Physiotherapy Laser:

1. Sports injuries, muscle strains

2.Post-operative wounds and pain


4.Compulsory spondylitis

5. Postherpetic neuralgia

6. Lumbar and leg pain

7.Joint pain

8.Acute eczema

9.Ear, Nose and Throat Inflammation


11.Facial paralysis

12.Oral Diseases

13.Temporomandibular joint disorder

14.Diabetic foot

15.Decubitus ulcer

Applicable Departments of the 980nm Physiotherapy Laser:

Rehabilitation / Pain / Physiotherapy / Chinese Medicine / Sports Medicine / Orthopedics / Dermatology / Dentistry

How it works:

980nm Physiotherapy Laser, diode laser through the lens focused luminescence to produce thermal stimulation, the use of laser biological effects on the human body, enhance capillary permeability, increase the production of ATP to activate healthier cells or tissues, to achieve analgesia, accelerate tissue repair, healing effect.

Efficacy of 980nm Physiotherapy Laser:

1、Promote the formation of new blood vessels

2、Promote collagen production

3、Improve muscle atrophy and regenerate muscles

4、Eliminate oedema and inflammation

5、Efficient analgesia

6、Promote cartilage formation

Production Details of the :

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