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Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser
  • Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy LaserDual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser
  • Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy LaserDual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser
  • Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy LaserDual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser
  • Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy LaserDual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser

Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser

PBM Laser is a leading manufacturer of Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser for human use, specializing in innovative laser medical technology. We follow ISO 13485 medical system standards and are committed to providing excellent solutions for rehabilitation therapy. We have a strong team covering a wide range of medical, laser and electronic fields to provide efficient, safe and advanced laser products to our customers. We are unique and innovative, leading the laser rehabilitation industry, committed to improving the quality of life of patients and helping healthcare organizations achieve greater excellence.
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Product Description

Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser is FDA 510K certified and meets U.S. medical device standards to ensure quality and safety. The unique Easy-mode medical care mode saves time and effort; the maximum output power of 45W penetrates deeper and is customized for professional athletes; with the built-in professional Protocols-mode, even novices can learn it in seconds.

PBM Laser has developed this Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser with excellent R&D capability to provide a full range of rehabilitation solutions and an innovative and efficient rehabilitation experience for patients, making it a competent partner for the success of your medical career.

Advantages of Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser:

√ Dual-wavelength technological innovation: the fusion of 980nm and 650nm wavelengths is applicable to the treatment of different depths of tissues, providing multi-level and comprehensive rehabilitation effects.

√ Scientific effect principle: Using the biological effect of laser, it improves cell vitality, promotes tissue repair, and realizes the therapeutic goals of analgesia, anti-inflammation, and promotion of blood circulation.

√ Strong R&D and design team: Interdisciplinary team covering medical, laser, electronics and other professional fields, guaranteeing the product's technological leadership and innovation.

√ Professional Manufacturing Standards: Following the ISO 13485 medical system standards, we ensure that all accessories and raw materials are medical grade and traceable, providing high quality and reliable products.

√ All-specialty applicability: Provide all-specialty medical solutions that are widely applicable to rehabilitation centers, medical institutions and professional practitioners to meet the needs of laser therapy in multiple fields.

√ OEM/ODM and CDMO services: Provide personalized and customized services to reduce the R&D costs of medical enterprises and support customer innovation and market competition.

√ FDA certification: The products are FDA certified and comply with international medical standards, providing users with safe and reliable treatment guarantee.

√ Intelligent Operation Control: Supporting continuous wave and pulse emission to meet the treatment needs of different patients and realize precise and personalized treatment.

√ Multiple indications and wide range of efficacy: Including multiple therapeutic effects such as promoting new blood vessel formation, enhancing collagen production, improving blood circulation, relieving pain, etc., taking full care of patients' rehabilitation needs.

Specification of the Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser:

Laser Wavelength: 980nm+650nm

Laser Power: 45W

Laser Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Laser Type: Class IV

Phased Protocols: >1000

Operation Mode: 3 Intelligent Systems

Screen Type: 12-inch HD Touch Screen

Goggles: 2 Sets

Application of the Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser:

Rehabilitation lasers have a variety of indications in the field of medical rehabilitation, mainly including but not limited to the following areas:

√ Rehabilitation of sports injuries: including muscle strains, ligament injuries, joint injuries, sprains and so on.

√ Post-surgical rehabilitation: It can be used for post-surgical wound healing, reducing pain and promoting tissue recovery.

√ Neurological rehabilitation: can be used for rehabilitation after nerve injury, such as facial paralysis, post-stroke sequelae.

√ Chronic pain management: for chronic pain rehabilitation, such as chronic arthritis, neuralgia, etc.

√ Skin Lesion Rehabilitation: Includes the treatment of skin problems such as eczema, warts and moles.

√ Decubitus ulcer rehabilitation: can be used to slow down the development of decubitus ulcers and promote wound healing.

√ Laser Fat Reduction Rehabilitation: For the alleviation of health problems associated with obesity, such as fatty liver.

√ Fracture healing: used to assist fracture healing, promote bone tissue growth, relieve bone pain.

√ Oral rehabilitation: for the treatment of oral diseases, such as mouth ulcers, gingivitis and so on.

√ Circulatory Rehabilitation: For improving blood circulation, etc.

These are only some of the indications that may be covered by rehabilitation lasers, and the specific scope of application should be determined according to the patient's specific situation and the doctor's advice.

Applicable Departments of the Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser:

Rehabilitation / Pain / Physiotherapy / Chinese Medicine / Sports Medicine / Orthopedics / Dermatology / Dentistry

How the Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser works:

Dual Wavelength effect: Dual Wavelength Laser utilizes both 980nm and 650nm wavelengths. 980nm laser acts on deep tissues through deeper penetration to promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain, while 650nm laser acts on the surface layer of the skin to promote the bioregulation of epidermal cells, accelerating the repair of tissues.

Biostimulation effect: The laser energy irradiated into the tissue is absorbed by the mitochondria of the damaged cells. This energy absorption activates the mitochondria, prompting the cells to produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), thus accelerating cell metabolism and increasing energy levels.

Cellular Repair and Regeneration: The increase in ATP encourages repair and regeneration of damaged tissue cells, helping to reduce inflammation and promote the healing process.

Angiogenesis: The biostimulating effect of the laser directs the formation of new blood vessels, increasing blood supply and promoting tissue recovery.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic: Laser therapy also reduces the inflammatory response while producing analgesic effects through nerve pathways to improve pain symptoms.

Products Details of the Dual Wavelength Physiotherapy Laser:

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